Daily Bible Verse and Devotions to Uplift Believers Everyday

Is Jesus Crying about YOU?

Jesus-weptJohn 11:35 – Jesus wept

When Jesus friend Lazarus had died, Jesus wept because He had so much love for Lazarus and that same love He has for us.

Every time we sin, we illustrate that we do not appreciate the suffering, heartache or the death of Jesus that he demonstrated on Calvary.  Sin is a direct violation to Jesus because sin was the reason He came into this world and because of sin, He died for us.  Are we making Jesus cry daily because of our actions?

If we would keep in mind the suffering and pain Jesus went through; we wouldn’t be so eager to sin against Him

Love me, adore me, but don’t hurt me is all that Jesus asks from His people each and every day

God Bless You!

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